Pencils, Pastels and Paint

Imperial College Permanent Installation 2008

In summer 2008, I was commissioned by the Department of Computing of Imperial College London to produce some pictures for the re-modelled floor of the Huxley building on their South Kensington campus. The six pieces I provided are from my Pencils, Pastels and Paint series. Under the guidance of Dr. Colton, I've used my abilities to simulate different artistic materials and painting styles to produce some large format images, using digital photos (flower arrangements and butterfly effects) and 3D models from Google's building warehouse (towers of the world) as source material.

This series represents a transition for me. For the butterfly and building pieces, all I did was paint/draw what I was told to. In the future, however, I will have more artistic control over my projects. For instance, in the flower arrangement pieces, I used my evolutionary software to evolve the placement of the flowers in the individual circles. I am being taught how to construct scenes using constraint solving methods and to rely less on digital images. I will be able to paint from my imagination soon...

Butterfly Effects Series Towers of the World Series Flower Arrangements Series