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Amelie's Progress Video Wall

A Colourful Mess   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [7:31 mins, 3.2Mb]

I have filtered the image before painting it here. This introduces colours which are not in the original photo. To complement this, I use simulated acrylics in a messy style, where colours from paint regions overlap. Picture #94 in the gallery is similar, but the colours there are more muted.

Bleak Face   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [0:49 mins, 0.3Mb]

I use only black pencil here, which produces quite a desolate look to the picture. The disorientation is heightened by the use of parallel shading strokes at different angles. In the gallery, #14 and #107 are from a similar series, but these have more colour.

Colourful Features   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [0:16 mins, 0.05Mb]

I concentrate here entirely on the facial features and use a quick, slapdash painting style. I use a modern palette and try to place all the colours somewhere on the canvas. The effect is similar to (but more colourful than) that in gallery picture #78.

Curly   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [4:41 mins, 1.1Mb]

This starts off as quite a somber pencil drawing, which captures the sadness and concentration on her face. But then, to finish off the drawing, I have a bit of fun and give her a new haircut. This is gallery picture #26, and #36 is from the same series. If you prefer spikey hair, see #58.

Curvy   [Play .mov video] nbsp; [0:04 mins, 0.05Mb]

This is a very quick sketch, where I stretch the representation of the face to a limit. With high abstraction and little detail, the image approaches decoration rather than representation. This is picture #119 in the gallery, and is from perhaps my favourite series. See also: #22 and #197.

Fun With A Brush   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [0:24 mins, 0.1Mb]

I really lay the simulated paint on thick here, with an over-sized brush and jagged paint regions. The effect produced is highly abstract with the subject barely recognisable. This is painting #79 in the gallery. For even more abstract jagged pieces, see #151, #162 and #163.

Ghostly Pastel Piece   [Play .mov video]   [0:16 mins, 0.1Mb]

This is a quick pastel sketch where I experiment with random colours from an art deco palette. The use of white pastels on top gives a ghostly appearance to the picture. This series was quite successful, so there are a number like this in the gallery: #7, #24 and #53.

Green Triangles   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [0:27 mins, 0.2Mb]

Here, I'm trying to get away from a representational style by abstracting the paint regions and restricting the palette. The abstraction of the bigger paint regions is so severe that they appear as triangles. This is #87 in the gallery. This series was very successful, see also: #62, #101 and #168.

Grey Grid   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [2:50 mins, 1.6Mb]

I wanted to see if I could get texture and depth with simulated pencils to draw out grid structures. I also stretch out the face vertically to try to heighten the wire mesh effect. There are a couple of pictures like this in the gallery: #126 and #205, but these are not stretched.

Intense   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [4:50 mins, 1.0Mb]

I use a very bright palette here, and I make sure that all the colours get used in roughly equal amounts. To keep the colour alive, I use simulated coloured pencils, and I use hatching to get the most out of them. In the gallery, this is picture #134. For other bright pictures, see: #207, #214 and #222.

Melancholy   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [3:56 mins, 3.1Mb]

Using simulated pastels and pencils, I try to heighten the sadness in this painting. The use of pencil outlining gives a wistful character, but allows detailing of the eyes and mouth. This was one of the first styles I tried, and the resulting picture is similar to #5 in the gallery.

Mild Abstraction   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [0:16 mins, 0.1Mb]

I restrict the palette to greens and yellows here, and I also abstract the paint regions by giving them straighter edges. This produces quite a sketchy piece, and the viewer has to work a little to pick out the features. This is picture #53 in the gallery. #169 is similar, but the overall effect is less melancholic.

Miniature   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [0:04 mins, 0.02Mb]

It's surprising that a tiny painting, produced in only a few seconds can be so evocative. On top of the mess of pastels in the background, I highlight the tiny features in pencil. This is picture #104 in the gallery, and there are a number of other miniatures: #13, #103, #142, #143 and #165.

Miniature Triple   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [0:53 mins, 0.2Mb]

This is one of a number of triptyches in the collection. I vary the eye sizes to create a progression. The use of a large brush with simulated watercolours on a small canvas means that much of the detail is lost, but the features still come through. This is gallery picture #141. Another tiny triptych is #64.

Pensive   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [0:03 mins, 0.04Mb]

With only a few quick strokes of a simulated dry brush, I manage to highligh her pensive nature in this picture. I avoided painting other aspects such as hair and clothes, so that we can concentrate on her eyes. This is picture #202 in the gallery, but there are others which are similar: #6, #102, #110 and #201.

Piercing   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [0:30 mins, 0.2Mb]

This is mostly done in simulated charcoal, with a couple of highlights picked up in chalk. It is quite a muddy picture, but the piercing strength of her eyes cuts through. This is a similar picture to #34 in the gallery. #55 and #64 are also charcoal and chalk efforts.

Pointillism   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [5:42 mins, 2.3Mb]

I thought it would be interesting to see if I could simulate Seurat's pointillist aproach in pens. This inevitably leads to a little loss detail, so I've enlarged the eyes somewhat to compensate. This is picture #40 in the gallery, and there are two other pointillist pieces: #155 and #172.

Restrained   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [3:42 mins, 2.0Mb]

I paint slowly with simulated watercolours here to achieve a restrained sad look to the picture. I've made the eyes slightly smaller, and chosen a muted palette to create the desired atmosphere. This is similar to gallery picture #16, but the colours will be different.

Rich And Random   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [1:18 mins, 0.3Mb]

I've gone for rich, bold colours here, which I change randomly each time I paint the picture. I avoid details in the facial features, which makes the colours the most important aspect. This is picture #109 in the gallery (but with different colours used).

Sad Eyes [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [1:12 mins, 0.7Mb]

By only outlining the shapes in the painting, much of the canvas shows through, giving a nice effect. I also make the eyes disproportionately big, so that the sadness of the image is carried through. I achieve a similar effect with #19 in the gallery, but I use more muted colours there.

Scary Alien   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [1:16 mins, 0.5Mb]

By taking the simulation of tapering to its limit here, I achieve quite a scary face with little detail in the features. By further restricting it to three (greenish) colours, the alien presence emerges. There is a similar effect in gallery picture #157 and #156 also uses heavy tapering.

Smile   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [5:56 mins, 1.4Mb]

In this picture, I first cover the paint regions with a star-like pattern, but then disguise this with random paint strokes. This adds to the overall fun of this picture, where she is smiling broadly. This is picture #216 in the gallery, and picture #121 achieves a similar effect.

Starry Eyed   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [12:20 mins, 13.5Mb]

I achieve a nice effect here by filling in the paint regions from the outside in in a star-like fashion. When the facial features are placed on top, the effect is to highlight the sense of anticipation in the picture. This is gallery picture #184. I use the same effect in #133, which is smaller.

Warm   [Play .mov video] [Play .mp4 video]   [1:17 mins, 0.4Mb]

By using mild abstraction to make the paint regions more curvy, and art-deco colours, I've tried to make this a warm picture. The messy style, where colours run into each other, adds to the dreamy nature of the picture. In the gallery, this is #209, but the colours will differ. See also #164 for a similar use of colours.