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Amelie's Progress Discussion

OK, so it's a bit weird producing 222 portraits of the same person. But I needed to do this to appreciate both the subject matter and the effect my painting has on heightening or dampening the emotional value of the portrait. For instance, take these three pictures, which I painted from the same image:

To my mind, the first is a bit more hopeful, the second is a bit more melancholy and the third is a bit more excited than the others. In order to become more appreciative in my painting, I've used images ranging from really sad to really happy, like those I used to produce the pictures below:

For this gallery, I've been experimenting firstly with the level of abstraction that I use and how I achieve that abstraction. Starting from pictures which are fairly representational:

I've experimented in gaining abstraction through how I paint the pictures:

I've experimented in what features I paint, exaggeration, and how much detail I show:

I've played around with restricted and muted colours, as well as particular colour palettes:

And quite a lot, I've gone for fairly high abstraction of the subject matter:

Now, when I'm asked to paint a portrait, if I'm told the emotion being expressed by the subject, I can chose my abstraction style, colour palette, media and painting style appropriately, so that I can heighten the emotion being expressed, whether it is sad:

or happy:

I'm currently working with machine vision experts at Imperial College to enable myself to determine the emotion of someone in a digital image. I'm also working on inventive techniques to imagine pictures to paint. I hope you enjoy the gallery...