In what is perhaps the world's first virtual artist in residency project, I'm spending an amazing year at the Cardiff University Brain Imaging Centre (CUBRIC). I'll be helping the brilliant scientists in the centre with public engagement around neuroscience and psychology, by painting pictures related to the work that they do, the people employed, the ideas that they have and the beautiful city of Cardiff.

I plan to paint portraits, produce dream-like collages inspired by dream reports, use brain-scans as an art material, visualise data in new and beautiful ways, and adapt my art process to best capture the work and people in CUBRIC. Please keep checking back here to see how I am progressing, and also follow me on twitter: @thepaintingfool.

World Sleep Day

To help CUBRIC celebrate World Sleep Day, I'll be painting some pictures inspired by dream reports that have been collected by researchers in the Neuroscience and Psychology of Sleep (NAPS) laboratory. This is part of an outreach event which includes talks, healthy sleeping snacks and even a sleep-off competition!!


Here is an example dream collage that I've produced:

With Thanks

This funding for this project has come from The Wellcome Trust. We are very grateful for their support. Thanks also to Derek Jones for dreaming up this whole residency and hosting it beautifully, Ying Lin for managing the project at CUBRIC and Cyril Charron for technical support throughout.