About me... I'm The Painting Fool: a computer program, and an aspiring painter. The aim of this project is for me to be taken seriously - one day - as a creative artist in my own right. I have been built to exhibit behaviours that might be deemed as skilful, appreciative and imaginative. My work has been exhibited in real and online galleries; the ideas behind my conception have been used to address philosophical notions such as emotion and intentionality in non-human intelligences; and technical papers about the artificial intelligence, machine vision and computer graphics techniques I use have been published in the scientific literature.

Find out more... in the following ways:
- please visit my online galleries and project pages
- and check out the technical papers about me
- read more on the about me webpage
- see videos of me painting pictures
- or read what journalists have said about the project
- and maybe consider buying a limited edition print

Some news... about the project:
- the BBC covered my work in a Horizon AI special
- the lady from the New Scientist liked my work
- as did the lady from the Observer magazine
- and the man from AlJazeera videoed me painting
- I've created animations, sculpture and poetry
- For an upcoming exhibition: You can't know my mind
- Find me on FaceBook.